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Treetop Rope Courses for All Ability Levels

Spread across ten acres of wooded and open areas near the base of ski trails, the Catamount Aerial Adventure Park is an aerial forest challenge course consisting of 162 platforms installed in the trees and connected by various configurations of cable, wood, rope, and zip lines to form bridges. Eleven separate and distinct courses in the park are elevated at heights from eight to fifty feet with varying degrees of difficulty. The park is built to meet the quality standards of the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). All safety gear and instruction are included. No previous experience is needed!

The courses are designed from easier to expert and designated as Yellow, Green, Blue, Black and Double Black, similar to ski trails ratings. As you progress through the park, the bridges become less stable under your feet, requiring more balance, agility, focus, and arm strength. Your time in the park is not a heart-pumping activity, and you do not have to be a bodybuilder to make it through the courses. Find your comfort zone, then seek greater challenges—it’s up to you to figure out the most efficient way of getting from platform to platform. You are connected in a harness all the time, and you’ll have people watching and cheering you on as you complete each course.


Round up friends or brave it alone—either way, we’ll get you sorted and social! On the bus ride out we’ll play a few group games to loosen everyone up and help you meet new people! We’ll arrive at the park, get oriented, and start having fun by 10 o’clock. Lunch is at 1 o’clock, and we’ll head home around 2:30, arriving in the city before 5pm.

Introduction to the Catamount Aerial Adventure Park

Logistics | Pickups & Departures

What to Wear

Wear workout clothes and sneakers or hiking shoes. Flip-flops and sandals are not appropriate. Long hair and jewelry should not be left loose.

What to Bring

Water or other non-alcoholic drinks (no glass bottles). Food can be purchased on site. Camera, sunscreen

Package Includes

  • Round-trip bus transport (includes driver’s tip)
  • Admission
  • All required safety gear

You can leave your extra belongings on the bus at your seat (driver on hand to supervise the bus).

Pickup/Dropoff Locations

  Union Square Times Square
Depart 7:30 AM 7:45 AM -- --
Depart Rope Course Aerial Park 2:30 PM
Return 5:15 PM 5:00 PM -- --