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At the end of ski season, don’t let the melting snow bum you out.  Ride it one more time on a whitewater rafting trip down the Lehigh River in the Poconos. Join us on a special dam-release day to discover one of the prettiest and most pristine places in the tri-state area. There’s enough big whitewater action to get really soaked, yet the trip is still ideal for first-timers.


White Water Raft in the Poconos

Join our white water rafting bus trips down the Lehigh River. Thanks to the state’s timely dam releases, the Lehigh runs full and fast.

{ Available } Sat, Jul 27 · Sat, Aug 03 · Sat, Aug 10 · Sat, Aug 17 · Sat, Aug 24 · Sat, Aug 31
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