Urban Sherpa Announces Glade Goggles Windham Sponsorship

Nov 15, 2018

Awesome New Glade Pulsar Goggles

Awesome New Glade Pulsar Goggles

Your Urban Sherpas are often approached by product placement companies but most just don’t pass the sponsorship test.  This season is different we found a goggle everyone should wear. Above is Glades Pulsar Magnetic Rimless Goggle and with a price below $100 everyone can afford. Glades have a magnetic bond between lens and frame making on snow swapping of lenses a snap; with a lifetime warranty, free shipping, and returns there is so much to be gained.  Even better you can purchase directly from Glades.   

So check-em out using the code URBANSHERPA for 15% off purchase and is only being offered at Glade Goggles, Get ahead of the crowd—we did.

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